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Bearings and Seals

Probably one of the most unique features of automotive water pumps vs. other centrifugal pumps is the wide use of the integral shaft rolling element type bearing and the unitized mechanical seal. Although, compactness, strength, performance and initial cost make using these types of components advantages to the OEM they present a hurdle to the vehicle owner and aftermarket supplier because of non-standardized components. Each and every application uses a particular set of components and interchangability is very limited. This is where we can help, we have a wide selection of bearings and seals and we are constantly adding additional variety to our inventory. Contact us for your application.


Exclusive tools made by us here in the U.S.A. tried and proven in our own rebuilding shop. You will need tools for performing the r&r yourself without causing damage to the pump and parts. Not all applications require precision tools for performing the r&r properly but most do. Many of the tools you will need will be standard tools or can be simply fashioned from scrap. For the precision tools you will need we've got 'em.

Custom Made Bearings and Seals

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